Alexander Brodsky

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PDFs of Selected Press

Untitled (wind box), 2008
iron table, painted clay, ink on paper,
electric fan, Plexiglas
54 x 120 x 25 inches (overall)

Untitled (wind box), 2008

Untitled (tea bags), 2008
iron table, sand, tea bags, ink, plywood,
58 x 80 1/2 x 31 inches (overall)

Untitled (tea bags), 2008

Grey Matter (table), 1999
unfired clay
61 x 36 x 498 3/4 inches overall

Grey Matter (table detail), 1999
unfired clay

Untitled, 1997
installation at The State Museum
of Architecture, Moscow

Visible Parts, 1996
installation at Ronald Feldman Gallery

Canalis Utopicus, 1995
installation at Regina Gallery, Moscow

City in the Pipe, 1995
33 x 27 1/2 inches
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