Jud Fine

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Pool #3 Clear from Spine, 1993
Los Angeles Central Library, Maguire
Ferro cement with copper wool, stainless
steel, bronze

Untitled, 1987
powdered pigment, pastel and stain on wood
95 x 108 x 13 inches

Long Pig #2, 1987
steel, wood, nickel plate, plaster, encaustic
180 inches x 12 inches in diameter

Poles from
Watts/Analogy series, 1981-1987
mixed media on bamboo, steel, stainless steel

Iacona, 1981
steel, bamboo installation in north gallery
17 x 16 x 12 feet

Horizontal Pillar #4, 1981
apple wood, steel, string, wire
60 inches x 8 inches in diameter
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