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Cameron Hayes

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PDFs of Selected Press

The Olympic torch relay in Xinjiang
, 2011
oil on linen
80 x 80 inches

The rats in the monkey cage,
oil on linen
78 x 60 inches

The Kings of Werribee: only the poor
have the luxury of being bored,
oil on linen
78 x 100 inches

Orphanages make the best skyscrapers,
oil on linen
78 x 100 inches

By the time they opened the first
Museum of Rap in Fatehpur Sikri
no-one could taste, smell, feel, hear
or remember it anyway
, 2006

oil on linen
66 x 100 inches

The Russians knew perfectly well
that the happiness of the African
animals was that they had such low
expectations - before the pets were
, 2007

oil on linen, 2 panels
overall size: 82 x 100 inches

The Cambridge Nursing Home
won the freeway mural project,

oil and glitter on linen
84 x 66 inches

The rescued refugees had to live off
what was on the container ship, which
because it was headed for Australia was
full of fake Italian fashions and pet food
, 2002

oil on linen
66 x 89 inches

Bonnie and Clyde during a petrol
, 1999

oil on linen
73 5/8 x 73 5/8 inches

In the end nobody thought green
chairs were grass (the Jehovahs
witnesses get sick of waiting)
, 1997

oil on linen
65 3/4 x 65 3/4 inches
Collection: Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum,
Hagen, Germany

No one knew how good heaven was
until something bad happened,

oil on linen

In prison there were more microscopes
than telescopes
, 1996

oil on linen
60 x 79 1/2 inches

Only insects believe in re-incarnation,

oil on linen

When Dr. Orlac left my brains out
overnight the flies realised they lived
for only a few days (self-portrait)
, 1998

oil on linen
54 x 84 1/4 inches

The filming of "The girl's got to have
it' was cancelled in 1945 because of
the horizontal collaborators...
,, 1997
oil on linen
60 x 78 inches

Today hardly anyone could forget
, 1996

oil on linen
65 3/4 x 83 3/4 inches
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