As well as currently representing more than 40 internationally
renowned contemporary artists, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts has
previously represented and shown works by dozens of other artists.

Solo Exhibitions
Fall 1971 — Summer 2017

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Fall 1971 — Summer 2017

Current Exhibition Season
Fall 2016 — Summer 2017

Art on the Front Lines

Ronald Feldman Gallery presents Art on the Front Lines, a sprawling exhibition of more than fifty artists in response to the dark realities of the recent election.  The exhibition includes both established and emerging artists.  Within the traditional relationship between the artist and institutional power often lies an inherent tension, but the present political climate ups the ante.  In response, artists let loose, conceptualizing strategies in all media.  The exhibition is not only about what is happening in America, but intersects with what artists are doing in other parts of the world.

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