Eleanor Antin

Loves of a Ballerina
December 6, 1986 – January 3, 1987

High Performance
San Diego Tribune (Installation exhibition '88
Los Angeles Times (Installation exhibition '88)
Artforum (LA County '99)
ARTnews (LA County '99)

Loves of a Ballerina, 1986
filmic installation

Portrait of Antinova, 1986
filmic installation

Union Pacific, 1986
filmic installation

Swan Lake, 1986
still from 2 ½ minute film shown in Loves
of a Ballerina

Love's Shadow, 1986
still from 2 ½ minute film shown in Loves
of a Ballerina

The Ballerina and the Poet, 1986
still from 2 ½ minute film shown in Loves
of a Ballerina

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Press Release.
November 17, 1986

Eleanor Antin

LOVES OF A BALLERINA (a filmic installation)

DECEMBER 6, 1986 – JANUARY 3, 1987


Eleanora Antinova, the once celebrated Black Ballerina of the Ballet Russe, has fallen on hard times. Diaghilev has died, the troupe has disbanded, and Eleanora has returned to her native America, where she is trying to eke out a living in seedy vaudeville houses and silent films – with what success this exhibition shows. Comedy shorts, spicy farces, even, alas, a semi "blue movie", exploiting her ballerina role, play in a deserted movie house, a wrecked train, and an old theatrical dressing room, and give and account of this part of Antinova's American career.

This current exhibition is an intersection of sculpture and film in which the films are embedded in sets that serve as a commentary on the latest stage of the Ballerina's career.

For many years, Eleanor Antin has been presenting an autobiographical theatre of the soul, through the lives of her three personae – the Ballerina, the King and the Nurse – in performances and exhibitions of photography, video, drawing, writing and sculpture.

The public is invited to a reception for the artist, Saturday, December 6 from 5 to 7 pm.

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